Calvin Harris at Hakkasan 2015

Calvin Harris explains studio creation process behind The Weeknd collab: Watch

Calvin Harris takes viewers on an informative journey as he breaks down his new track with The Weeknd, called ‘Over Now’, in an intimate studio session. Roughly one month ago, Calvin Harris and The Weeknd unveiled their newest collaborative project Over Now’, which is a funky yet emotional breakup ballad doused in a hazy groove from beginning to end.

In a nearly three-minute-long video, Calvin Harris opens up his studio and dissects ‘Over Now’ for all of us to see. He begins by showing how he created the drum track, which is developed by a series of synthesizers.  He moves on to the melody of the track which is comprised of a nice easy-going sounding piano and then takes us to his room full of keyboards to further elaborate on this melody, which you have to see to believe. He also shows us that he played guitar on this track and does so by picking up his electric guitar and plucking a few notes and using a palm-mute technique, additionally, playing a few other riffs on his guitar and then switching over to the construction of the bass-line, which is also done with live electric bass. Cut to a few scenes of Harris sage-ing the synthesisers and enjoying a bowl of cereal, we finally have all the ingredients to a soulful track with The Weeknd’s sultry voice as the main element.

Watch the awe-inspiring break down of ‘Over Now’ below. Stream ‘Over Now’ by Calvin Harris and The Weeknd by clicking here.


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