JackEL, Anthony Oak – NØ MØRE (feat. Trice Be)

Producer, DJ and label owner JackEL can truly do it all. Hailing from Canada, his presence in the electronic music world is undeniable. It was at the young age of 16 when he released his first ever single with a well-known rapper named MiMs and ten years later he hasn’t stopped being at the top of his game, continuing to put out quality releases. From opening up for Afrojack to playing at EDC Las Vegas in 2019, JackEL is exploding and it’s no wonder as to why with his insane amounts of talent and energy. Everyone who listens to his sounds falls deep into his musical world, and now he’s got a brand new release with Anthony Oak and Trice Be.

Uniting with the Canadian rising talent Anthony Oak for this brilliant release, ‘NØ MØRE’ is the genre-blending whirlwind of a production that you simply just have to listen to immediately. The vocals dip into the energised pop world whereas the infectious beats which serve as the foundations of the track tie it to the EDM world and creates the next biggest thing that everyone in the electronic world should be listening to. ‘NØ MØRE’ is a true testament to the versatility that the rising star’s production skills have, and it shows that he can truly do it all.

Leave it up to JackEL & Anthony Oak to whip up a track that you can not only go wild to on the dance floor, but have a genuinely fun time listening to it too. This track joins a long list of already released tracks that his fans have been loving, so head over to his official Spotify page here to ensure you’re not missing on this young talent. Listen to ‘NØ MØRE’ below:


Image Credit: JackEl (Press)

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