Halloween 2020 Best Deals on VST Plugins for Music Production

Halloween 2020: Best Deals on Plugins for Music Production

Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New year are all holidays to celebrate life. Giving and receiving gifts to get connected with the people around you. In the month of October, we celebrate Halloween as a big feast. Not only are we sharing gifts personally but also at a worldwide level. Receiving exclusive deals on the products you need so you can expand your collection. Holidays mean gifts and as a gift, we have collected the list of best Halloween 2020 deals on VST plugins for music production. Also do check out our special page where we highlight the best deals on presets, bundles, sample packs, courses, etc for Black Friday 2020.

Best Halloween Deals on Plugins for Music Production


  1. W.A. Production Mystical Halloween Bundle 90% OFF – $9.90 (from $107.00)
  2. W.A. Production Make Me Scream 90% OFF – $5.90 (from $59.00)
  3. W.A. Production Fundamental Bass 80% OFF – $7.90 (from $39.90)
  4. iZotope Stutter Edit 2 Sale (Exclusive) – $58 (from $237)
  5. Mellowmuse Complete Bundle 50% OFF- $250 (from $500)
  6. Izotope Music Production Suite 4 40% OFF – $713.5 (from $1.189,99)

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1.W.A. Production Mystical Halloween Bundle 90% OFF – $9.90 (from $107.00)

Want to know what really lets you own the night? It’s the Mystical Halloween Bundle! This bundle includes three scary plugins for an amazing price. The screamo plugin makes your productions scream for attention, The Mutant Delay creates a tension that’s tangible while the Dodge Pro creates an energetic rhythm that gets hearts beating and feet moving. These 3 monster plugins are ready to support your productions and add that Halloween sauce to it!



2.W.A. Production Make Me Scream 90% OFF – $5.90 (from $59.00)

Adding distortion was never so easy as with this plugin. You can add subtle distortion, go mild with the wall and cliff feature, or go over the top with the make me scream feature. This plugin contains a 2-stage effect, with 4 different distortion types and 4 alternate timbre modes. The incoming audio signal will be directed through the plugin with a smart signal follower that shapes the distortion envelope in line with the transients of your track. To get the most out of the plugin it’s a good idea to slightly distort the incoming signal, that’s why the developers added an adjustable preamp tube at the beginning of the signal chain! That process is what they call the 2-stage effect, which will color and cut every sound through your mix easily!



3.W.A. Production Fundamental Bass 80% OFF – $7.90 (from $39.90)

The bass is going everywhere, the bass sounds weak, you have the feeling you have no control of the low end? That’s where the Fundamental Bass comes in, giving a clear and quick way to keep and restore the balance between the low end and the sparkle of the mid and high end. This plugin is built with an adjustable frequency splitter which feeds the two separate modules for processing. The low band features 2 compressors and an imaging adjustment for clarity and mono compatibility. The high band compresses and adds bite while keeping the bounce of the bass. Bassline balancing has always been a big challenge for producers, especially at the mixing stage, as the dynamic range of low-end material can be huge. This struggle has been solved with the Fundamental Bass plugin!



4.iZotope Stutter Edit 2 Sale (Exclusive) – $58 (from $237)

Stutter Edit 2 lets you create the famous “stutter” editing effect with one button to slice and chop up your samples, tracks, and mixes. While creating an exciting movement with the new Curve Editor you can also control any effect in tempo. Take a deeper dive with new banks full of pre-made presets, glitched-out breakdowns, and beyond. Instant pitch your percussions, skip and jump your vocals, creating rhythms out of any sounds, and be creative while shaping every sound you want.



5.Mellowmuse Complete Bundle 50% OFF- $250 (from $500)

Developing innovative audio plugins for producers, musicians, and sound designers throughout the years, where the focus relies on sound quality and ease of use is typical for Mellowmuse. For the first time, Mellowmuse puts all their plugins into 1 bundle consisting out of their best compressors, EQs, and mixing tools. The CP1A compressor, CP2V compressor, CP3V compressor, CS1V console channel, EQ1A equalizer, EQ2V equalizer, EQ3V equalizer, IR1A convolver, LM1V limiter, SATV saturator, and the ATA auto time adjuster are included. This bundle is an all-in-one package that brings your production to the next level.



6.Izotope Music Production Suite 4 40% OFF – $713.5 (from $1.189,99)

Izotope is for a couple of years THE plugin company for designing and mastering. Getting the most out of your separate sounds, mixes, and even the whole master chain. Bringing your sounds to life by using EQ’s, saturators, multiband dynamics, old tape distortion, classic limiters. Every aspect of music production can be treated with these processors, from transient design to vocal processing. The following plugins are included: Neoverb, Nectar 3 Plus, RX 8 Standard, Ozone 9 Advanced, Tonal Balance Control 2, Neutron 3 Advanced, Vocalsynth 2, Insight 2, Relay, Exponential Audio R4, Exponential Audio NIMBUS, Groove3 One Year All-Access Pass. This suite has been made to dominate the music industry. Don’t hesitate, just try!


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