REZZ – Orbit

REZZ has quickly distinguished a name for herself by using a dark and mystical approach to her production style. Luring listeners in with her bass-fueled signature, this Canadian producer can easily induce you into a hypnotic trance-like state without any warning. Creativity and innovation clearly seem to be in this Space Mom’s favor as she has continued to grow her loyal fan base known as the “Cult of REZZ.” Whether you have had the unique experience of being drawn into her world of deep underground space-like vibes, REZZ has recently taken over the United States for a drive-in experience like no other. Continuing to make her mark one enticing beat at a time, REZZ is welcoming us into her world of futuristic basslines and twisted elements with the release of “Orbit.” Warning! This single is highly contagious to the ears.

Starting off smoothly with pacifying instrumentals and a humming melody which brings a sense of peace to listeners, REZZ easily grasps our attention on this one. From an eruption of clear distortion, high-pitched frequencies, and kicking drum claps, listeners are undeniably entering a state of hypnosis. Picking up the tempo a notch, REZZ flawlessly weaves into her dark, yet undeniably warped sound as we enter into “Orbit.” With impeccable sound design throughout this single, this producer seamlessly blends elements from the beginning of the track to make you lose control of your mind and body as you slowly transform into one with her music. Just in time for Halloween, it is safe to say the Space Mom has blessed us right when we needed it.

Listen to REZZ’s “Orbit” below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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