Spitfire Intimate Strings

Spitifre Audio’s Intimate Strings is one of the best affordable strings VST in the market

Spitfire Audio is probably one of the most reputable names when it comes to emulating live instruments in a VST version. Spitfire’s most recent release Intimate Strings is a collection of lush sounding strings recorded in the reverberant acoustics at London’s legendary AIR studios fabricated for the purposes of film scoring and music production. Here’s our complete review of Spitfire Intimate Strings:


Spitfire Intimate strings comes in with 9 different types of string recordings to choose from. The 9 modes are:

  1. Long: This mode is ideal for creating long atmospheric sounds. It has a fast attack but the sustains are long.  
  2. Long CS: This mode is quite similar to the first one except that it makes the sounds a bit softer and less saturated on the high end.
  3. Long Flautando: Flautando is an instruction to play the string softly in a flute-like manner. As the name suggests this mode provides a very fluid flute-like soft sound. 
  4. Long Half Section: Similar to the 1st mode except that the notes are played by half as many players as in the Long mode.
  5. Long Harmonics: This mode is set at 2 octaves higher than the normal ones and used to add more harmonics to your string sections.
  6. Short: It has a fast attack, short decay, and no sustain. Useful for creating fast-paced motifs.
  7. Short CS: Similar to the Short mode except that it is dampened to have a softer sound
  8. Pizzicato: A pluck like sound with an even faster attack and shorter decay than the short mode. 
  9. Short Col Legno: Sound of wood of the bow bouncing against the string. It’s a very short sound and useful for the purpose of adding small embellishments to your string sections 

Each mode comes in with an option to manipulate the sound’s expression, dynamics, release, tightness & reverb settings. The plugin also has Close, Tree, and Vintage signal chains that allow the user to modify the sound according to his/her needs.

The plugin also is very light on CPU and takes up 3.4GB of space on your computer.


Intimate Strings comes as a part of Spitfire’s original series and is priced at an affordable value of $29.


For the lush quality of sounds, you get with Spitfire’s Intimate Strings it’s definitely a steal for this price and should be an interesting addition to your VST library.

Check out a track that we prepared using just Sptifire’s Intimate Strings and also for a video on complete walkthrough of the plugin, click here.


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Image Credits: Spitfire


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