Travis Scott x Skrillex – Sicko Mode (k?d DJ Tool)

k?d has just put a heavy-hitting twist on Skrillex‘s remix of ‘Sicko Mode’ by Travis Scott. Skrillex’s remix of Travis Scott’s ‘Sicko Mode’ was released back in 2018, and it was something special for both Travis Scott and Skrillex fans. Veering from typical Skrillex sounds, he still managed to take the original and give it a heavier feel, at least until k?d’s remix came into the picture.

k?d (real name Patrick Cybulski) is an American DJ/producer whose work includes collaborative bangers with Rezz and Luca Lush to compilation albums comprised of remixes. He is most known for his single ‘Lose Myself’ featuring Phil Good, which charted at number 40 on Billboard’s Dance/Mix Show Airplay as well as his single ‘Distance’ which charted at number 14.

k?d is no stranger to eclectic genres in which he dabbles in almost everything from bass to house to drum ‘n’ bass. His newest release of Skrillex’s remix of Travis Scott’s ‘Sicko Mode’ takes the track and turns it completely on its head. Much like the Skrillex version, k?d doesn’t really show us how hard he can go until about a minute into the song, when he introduces thunderous kicks sandwiched between a pumping razor synth. The essence of Skrillex (and Travis Scott, for that matter) is still very much present in this track, as k?d made the thoughtful decision of keeping Skrillex’s artisanship as the framework of this track.

Take a listen to the mind-altering remix below. Click here for k?d’s official website.


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