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Afrojack brings Kapuchon Alias back to life with his newest track ’10 Years Later’

Dutch DJ, record producer and remixer Nick van de Wall, better known as Afrojack, has released a brand new single titled ’10 Years Later’. In doing so, he has donned his lesser-known alias Kapuchon, bringing the moniker back to life. It will also be the artist’s first release of a single under the imprint of Kapuchon Records.

’10 Years Later’ is a fusion between tech and house music, ensuring that these two genres, some of the oldest in electronic dance music, will continue to rise to the very top of the industry. The single is a huge departure from what Afrojack’s fans might usually expect from the artist. His versatile talent as a producer is brought to light here in his implementation of an exhilarating bassline and a minimalist style.

Kapuchon is Afrojack’s alias for tech house music, a fusion of genres that one can easily tell that the artist is passionate about. His refined skillset is demonstrated in the release of this single. In the past, van de Wall focused on his Afrojack project by releasing tracks under this alias, and occasionally released tech house music under the Kapuchon identity. This side project began over 10 years ago, shielded under the more dominant presence of his Afrojack alias. Now, however, Afrojack has brought something entirely new to his listeners and revived Kapuchon with the release of ’10 Years Later’.

In celebration of his new release, Kapuchon will be taking part in a livestream for his listeners on Saturday 14th November at 22:00 CET. You will be able to view this livestream either through Kapuchon’s Facebook page or through YouTube.

Listen to ’10 Years Later’ below.


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