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Black Friday 2020: Best offers on Techno Sample Packs

This coming Friday is all about huge discounts, sharp sales, and free products for you to add to your collection. A special day for every producer out there to add more weight to their toolset and be unique in every step of writing a song. We are collecting the best deals from the best companies all over the world and presenting you with a list of the best Black Friday offers on Techno Sample Packs.Also, don’t forget to check out our dedicated Black Friday landing page where we list the best Black Friday deals on plugins, sample packs, bundles, presets, & courses.


Best Black Friday offers on Techno Sample Packs

  1. Ghosthack Elements of Techno – €12.95 from €39.99
  2. Tech House & Techno Mega Bundle – £13.50 from £26.99 (Code: 50-BLACKCYBER)
  3. UNITY Samples Volume 15 – £11.00 from £21.99 (Code: 50-BLACKCYBER)
  4. Essential Techno – $13.32 from $26.66
  5. Arps and Atmospheres – $13.32 from $26.66
  6. Riemann Industrial Techno 6 – $18.00 from $36.00
  7. Berlin Techno 2 – $18.67 from $37.35


1. Ghosthack Elements of Techno – €12.95 from €39.99

Elements of techno sample pack is a full collection of tools for modern Techno productions. Included within are Basses, FX, Hats, Kicks, Pads, Percs, Snares, Claps, Synths and more!


2.Tech House & Techno Mega Bundle – £13.50 from £26.99 (Code: 50-BLACKCYBER)

A total of 3 major sample packs containing MIDI files, full loops, drum hits, synth loops, FX shots, vocal loops, and snare & clap loops are included to drag-and-drop into your next track. The drums are absolutely outstanding on this one.



3. UNITY Samples Volume 15 – £11.00 from £21.99 (Code: 50-BLACKCYBER)

D-Unity & Juli Aristy curated a dance-floor rocking Techno sample pack for every producer to easily start a professional-sounding track. Content included are female spoken words, hats, kicks, rides, melody synths, effects, and beat kits forming a 661MB Techno sample pack.




4.Essential Techno – $13.32 from $26.66

Essential Techno is all about hard-hitting, dark, and messy textures forming an aggressive Techno banger. Over 500 samples are functioning as atmospheres, arp loops, bass loops, single hits, drum loops, and synth loops to strengthen the foundation of your Techno hit.



5.Arps and Atmospheres – $13.32 from $26.66

Toolroom Academy created a pack specially made for the melodic parts of writing a song. Creating a mysterious atmosphere or just a catchy melody is really easy with their included samples like melodic Arps, textures, FX, bass Arps, top Arps, and pads.



6.Riemann Industrial Techno 6 – $18.00 from $36.00

Riemann Industrial Techno is all about the underground warehouse genres that will blow your mind. The team behind Riemann crafted this special sample pack for over 15 years of experience offering you their 394MB sized sample pack including noise loops, snare loops, drone loops, percussions, drums, cymbals, one-shots, and bass loops.



7.Berlin Techno 2 – $18.67 from $37.35

The Berlin Techno scene is constantly changing as more unknown artists are being presented to the world but the raw techno core will always be the same. Noisey effects, wild acid synthesizer sounds, booming kicks, and mysterious chord loops are included to make the biggest impact on the crowd.



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