‘Day of the deadmau5’ live set is out on Apple Music

Do you remember ‘Day of the deadmau5’ 2020? About a month ago, to celebrate Halloween, the masked producer played two drive-in shows in Atlanta and Chicago on October 30th and 31st, respectively. If you were one of the fans who was present during the amazing performances, lucky you! If you haven’t had the chance yet, you can now review the sets from the comfort of your sofa. ‘Day of the deadmau5’ has just become available on Apple Music as a mixed collection.

Due to the circumstances, deadmau5 presented a completely renewed setup, different to what we saw during his Cube V3 tour. It was full of light, energy and emotion, just like the music that was played. It was undoubtedly a performance to remember, especially in a year so sparse in live performances. He has managed to keep himself busy this year and continues to fill his exquisite repertoire with talented progressive tracks.

The live set features a fine selection of 23 tracks that include deadmau5’s finest IDs and some remixes (and a pair of unreleased tracks, we look forward to the release of these). One of the highlights is, inevitably, his latest single Bridged By A Lightwave featuring the amazing Kiesza. On a short trip down memory lane, we find ‘Monophobia‘, ‘The Veldt’ and, deeper in, ‘Snowcone‘. To keep the energy burning, there are also some well-known remixes like ‘I Said’ by Michael Woods and ‘Some Chords’ by Dillon Francis. Other galactic tracks like ‘SATRN’ or ‘Coasted‘ have not been forgotten either. ‘Day of the deadmau5’ mix is packed with beautiful original tracks and remixes, handcrafted by the immaculate DJ and music producer.

Visit Apple Music for the full set. Enjoy!


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