Edwin Antonio

Edwin Antonio releases incredible album ‘Runway Dreams’: Listen

The Puerto Rican fine art photographer and artist Edwin Antonio is a massively renowned personality in the historic art and fashion industry. Inspired by the success of his book “Runaway Dreams“, the artist has decided to set foot into the world of electronic music in style by releasing his debut album by the same name, that is out now via EAS Worldwide Music. Having worked on some special records for this LP that is set to “bring the past to the present,” it would be interesting to see how the artist has tried to transform the words from the abstracts of his book into house music.

Collaborating with the likes of Natalia Lugo & Kedward Avilés, to come up with awe-inspiring singles like Miss Wintour, Pretty Muse, and Dance With Me, Edwin has left no stone unturned in his quest to deliver a masterpiece for his debut as a producer. The sole purpose of his LP is to describe the dreams within the fashion industry with inspirational stories of the hardworking people who work day in day out to make things happen.

Don’t forget to check out Edwin Antonio’s debut album Runway Dreams here-

Image Credit: Edwin Antonio (Press)

21-year-old electronic music fan and a budding producer. Particularly biased towards melodic house & techno.

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