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Music, with specific regard to electronic dance music (EDM) and the online gaming industry, has a long and interesting history. While a lot of older games still use chiptune, the use of actual soundtracks has become increasingly popular. Games now have an original score or use popular music as the background to the game. This has provided an additional source

At first glance, you’d expect that it’d be obvious that gaming and electronic music, with both being rooted in the world of technology and impacted by the advancements in this area. However, it’s not often that the two are widely recognized as intrinsically and inexplicably linked with one another, despite their obviously similar origins. To understand why the two are, and

The link between music and emotions is nothing new; there’s a powerful link between what you hear and how you feel. Certain songs have the ability to unlock deeply buried feelings, changing your mood and your mindset almost instantly. But this is more than just kitchen table psychology; multiple studies have delved into the impact of music on the mind. Here’s a

If you want a thorough understanding of how electronic music evolved over the years, you will need to read some hefty books, as there are so many nuances and branches to cover. In the meantime, here is an insightful brief overview of electronic music’s evolution, from the 19th to the 21st Century. The Early Years These days, electronic music is everywhere. It

During the last decade, electronic music has basked in the mainstream limelight by crossing and redefining genres and setting trends that will come to define the core genre well beyond 2019. For starters, after five years of retirement, Swedish House Mafia re-emerged in March with an explosive full set at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival. Long-time fans have witnessed how this

2018 marks the 20th anniversary of Ultra Music Festival which over the years has earned a reputation for being one of the most prestigious and in-demand festivals around the world. The annual electronic music festival which takes places in Miami, Florida sees thousands of attendees travel from all corners of the globe to celebrate its weekend of the finest music from the industries biggest

Whenever future generations look back over the history of electronic music, there will always be one group of musicians who's name will forever continue to appear. The two musicians we're referring to are Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de-Homem Christo, and the name of their group is Daft Punk. After changing the game and releasing what many consider to be the last truly

For over 2 decades, BBC Radio 1 has had an iconic role in the development of dance music in the UK and throughout the world and one show has spearheaded this development. What is definitely considered one of the most prestigious broadcasts in dance music culture-the legendary essential mix, presented by who many consider to be the voice of dance