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Fatum & Dylan Matthew – Train To Nowhere (Gareth Emery Remix)

The trance music scene is thriving at one of its strongest points in years. The newer wave of artists have come through and are delivering releases of only the highest calibre, whilst the experienced names hold strong. With 6+ years under their belt, Fatum are potentially relative newcomers in this trance scene populated with artists holding careers of 20+ years, but they have certainly earned their place amongst the big names with a strong line of releases. Together with Dylan Matthew, the American group have released a phenomenal track by the name ‘Train To Nowhere‘, and none other than trance legend Gareth Emery has delivered an invigorating remix.

Remixes don’t come too often from Emery, so they are certainly there to be cherished. This one delivers at the highest level, with the British producer bringing his infectious melodic sound, infused with a more traditional progressive trance vibe. Kicking off with a deeper intro coupled with the original track’s vocals, ‘Train To Nowhere‘ progresses with some chords slowly appearing prior to the breakdown. Upon reaching the break, the vibe shifts to that of melody and euphoria with delightful chords complementing the topline. Building with energy, the drop hits with that festival arena punch, something that Gareth Emery is renowned for. The track of course wouldn’t be complete without an Emery arp, which arrives on the second phase of the drop, before the track winds back down for the outro.

All in, this remix for Fatum and Dylan Matthew is an exceptional release that brims with joy and feel-good vibes, so take a listen below and see what you think for yourself!

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