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Jay Slay drops official music video for hit track ‘All Night Long’: Watch

As many will be familiar with the track, ‘All Night Long’ by the extremely talented Canadian Jay Slay has risen in the popularity ranks since its release at the start of 2019. With currently nearly 100,000 streams on Spotify, Jay Slay has solidified himself within the scene as a bonafide superstar with big goals, and he’s going to reach them.

The track ‘All Night Long’ features two other talents in the form of Kelly Alaina and Michelle Molineux who both add their unique signature sounds to the track, further elevating the track and building it up to what it is now. A truly fine piece of work, it still feels as fresh as it did when it was released a whole year ago. From then on, it inspired a remix competition that saw XandieReady Or NotAsh KnightKrutzZakkov and KlangKonzert put their own spins on the track which then got official releases by Jay Slay himself, further adding attention to the original as well as the remixes. Some remixes even gained close to the amount of streaming numbers that the original has, proving that ‘All Night Long’ is a hit no matter what shape or form it takes on.

Now, we’re treated to a visual delight in the form of the official music video. Taking the form of more of a short film it is directed by Jason W. GordonEthan P. Johnson, Michelle Molineux, Luke Wohlgemuth and Nathaniel K. Wohlgemuth. With a big team behind it, it’s certainly a visual masterpiece. Taking on a horror-themed, dark and gloomy feel, it throws us right into the crowd of a Halloween party with a slasher film look. Overall, it truly tells a story which makes it encapsulating and fun to watch whilst listening to the brilliant track. It was also featured in the annual American Horrors Film Festival.

Watch the music video below and listen to the track on Spotify here along with the remixes.

Image Credit: Jay Slay / Steve Roland (via Facebook)

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