Jeremy Olander’s track gets featured in new HBO series ‘Industry’

Swedish DJ and producer Jeremey Olander’s mix of ‘Letters’ by Sailor & I and Eekkoo has recently been featured in the trailer for ‘Industry’, a new and original series by HBO. ‘Industry’ is directed by Lena Dunham and follows a group of young finance graduates who venture out into the competitive world in order to attempt to find a job. This all takes place during the recession of 2008, one caused by the financial crisis that was experienced during that year. The life of these duelling graduates is explored in this series, following them through their different positions in a London investment bank called Pierpoint & Co.

Along with the trailer, one can also listen to Jeremy Olander’s track in a particular scene of the TV show. This, you can view by clicking here. In this preview clip, one can see a group of people dancing on the dance floor of a club to Olander’s music. The focus of this scene is on a young couple who are also dancing with each other to Olander’s mix. The scene also cuts to allow the viewer to see another man in a different setting. This man is also listening to Olander’s track through a pair of headphones whilst simultaneously compiling an organisational chart.

One could argue that the choice of this song for the trailer of this series. as well as for this specific scene, is a rather fitting one. The overall tone of ‘Industry’ perfectly matches Olander’s song, and pairs well with the sultry atmosphere of the club scene that accompanies it.

Below, you can listen to Olander’s mix of ‘Letters’ by Sailor & I and Eekkoo in full.

Image credit: Jeremy Olander