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Teamworx & DØBER release bloop-pumping track ‘Complete Me’ featuring Melissa de Kleine: Listen

Continuing their string of Protocol Recordings releases, Teamworx is back with their sixth release on the label for 2020, this time teaming up with fellow Protocol rising star DØBER for their latest bass house belter ‘Complete Me’. The release features a high-energy production sure to get any dancefloor moving, complete with the hypnotic vocals of Melissa de Kleine.

The track opens with de Kleine’s enthralling hook, enticing the listener into the energetic buildup. Throughout the buildup we are teased with the lead synth reverberating through the stereo field, setting the scene for the drop. When the tension is released and the drop hits, the massive lead synth is unveiled as an aggressive sawtooth siren, followed by a bouncy percussion bassline and a counter vocal chop melody.

Hailing from Israel, the Teamworx duo are known for their innovative sound, fusing bass house with a touch of deep house to creating unique dancefloor hits, as heard in their previous release ‘Can’t Get Enough (ft. Sarah de Warren)’. DØBER is also another artist to keep your eye on, with a string of Protocol Recordings releases up his sleeve, such as his latest with Almero, titled ‘Focus’, his unique brand of house is sure to tantalise your dark house desires.

So when these artists collaborate, a unique dancefloor classic is sure to result. Stream ‘Complete Me (ft. Melissa de Kleine)’ here, or watch below.

Image Credit: Teamworx (Guy Sidi via Eclipse Media), DØBER (Press)

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