Yotto & Cassian join forces to bring us ‘Rogue’

Yotto & Cassian have teamed up to introduce two new hypnotic tracks released via Odd One Out entitled ‘Rogue. After the duo took turns remixing each other’s songs within the past year, the pair decided to release ‘Rogue’, a two-track EP consisting of ‘Inter’ and ‘Grains’.

Yotto (real name Otto Yliperttula) has been crushing 2020 with releases as of late. Earlier this year, he issued three new singles ‘Amaru’, Buggy (ft. Lane 8), and ‘Tarantia’ all whilst leading up to his EPAnother Riff For The Good Times / Daydreaming’, a mesmerizing two-track EP.

Australian DJ Cassian (real name Allan Pineda Lindo Jr.) has had an explosive year as well.  First with his release of ‘Imagination’, which Yotto would go on to remix, and next with his release of ‘Laps’, an eight-minute journey into various melodies and rhythms.

It was no surprise that the two would end up releasing an LP together andRogue’ just happens to be the picture-perfect combination of the two. The first track ‘Inter’ comes in hot with a deep bassline and wailing horn-like synths to gradually pull us further into the world that is ‘Inter’. On the other hand, ‘Grains’ is a slow-build around a perfect melody with vocal samples chirping throughout. In a perfect world, this song would never end.

Listen to Yotto and Cassian in their element on ‘Rogue’ here:

Image Credit: Rukes.com