beatport acquires loopmasters

Beatport acquires Loopmasters, a provider of Soundpacks and Plugins for Music Producers

One of the biggest American online music stores Beatport is oriented primarily towards DJ’s, selling full songs, remixes, and sound packs. Established in 2004, this online Dance music-oriented store started to expand primarily towards digital streams. Offering every music lover and DJ/producer a platform to buy or sell the highest quality of music. Beatport acquires Loopmasters after over 18 months of strategic and marketing partnerships between the two. 


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The golden era of Electronic Dance Music started around 2010, enlarged the numbers of new DJ/producers all around the world. The development of new samples and plugins started to grow rapidly whereas Loopmasters and Plugin Boutique started to sell high-quality sounds suitable for every genre. Until today, Loopmasters and Plugin Boutique are some of the biggest online sound pack platforms, which made a big impact on the industry. Beatport acquires Loopmasters and announced its collaboration to combine its huge dance records collection together with Plugin Boutiques and Loopcloud’s sample collection. Beatport’s phenomenal growth and new integrated streaming subscription product for DJs since 2017 has been combined with a suite of services for DJs and producers of Loopmasters and Plugin Boutique. The strategic and marketing initiatives are fully focused on introducing Loopmasters to Beatport’s massive community of 36 million annual visitors and accelerating the full integration of Loopcloud and Plugin Boutique into Beatport’s online music market.


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Image Credit: Beatport, Loopmasters


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