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Hardstyle at Tomorrowland 2021 New Year’s Eve: What to Expect?

There has never been a doubt about the credibility of hardstyle as one of the most rave-friendly genes out there in the electronic music industry. Blessed with some overdriven kick drums, offbeat basslines, and distorted synth melodies, the genre has been a crucial part of major EDM festivals over the years, including Tomorrowland. Now that the festival has released the complete lineup for its latest virtual event Tomorrowland 2021 New Year’s Eve, it would be interesting to see what’s up for grabs for all the hardstyle lovers out there.

At the first glance, there seems to be a massive influx of hardstyle based artists on the timetable even though the lineup for New Year’s eve is relatively smaller than their summer virtual festival and in-person festivals. Artists like Coone, Brennan HeartD-Block & S-Te-Fan, Da Tweekaz, and Sub Zero Project will add some massive waves of energy and euphoria to the festival that is set to take place on 31 December through the virtual platform NAOZ. Don’t forget to keep a special eye on Coone’s performance who is all set for an exclusive showcase of his latest album Loyalty is Everything’.

You obviously won’t be able to enjoy the exotic combination of fast-hitting hardstyle bangers and awe-inspiring laser effects with a massive crowd of fellow festival-goers, but Tomorrowland has done all arrangements to bring your favorite artists and records right to the comfort of your homes. For now, you just have to sit back and wait for the astonishing night.

In the meantime, you can relive one of the most iconic hardstyle sets from Tomorrowland 2019 below and get a taste of what’s to come.You can also grab your tickets for Tomorrowland New Year’s Eve right here.


Image Credit: Tomorrowland

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