HighLife samples offer royalty free sample packs for budding producers

One of the biggest essentials for creating music is sample packs. As there are many of them out there, both free and paid, it can be overwhelming to choose from a high quality selection. This is where HighLife comes in. HighLife is a website that specialises in and focuses on royalty free sample packs in a wide range of music genres and also includes such things as vocal samples, DAW templates and VST presets among genres like future house, big room, trance and techno. Also, many of their samples on their website are free and all you have to do is download them. No matter which genre you produce, there’s something here for you.


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Interestingly enough, some samples that they sell have been included on tracks released with the likes of Armada, Revealed, Smash the House, Spinnin’ Records and so many more leading labels. Helping producers take the big step forward to success, their quality range of samples helps producers to get their music heard by all the right people.

In addition to selling samples, they also have their own labels. With their main label HighLife Samples – and with sub labels Planet Samples, Nucleus Samples and Big Sound among others – they focus on working with the top producers and sound designers to ensure that only the very best sounds reach the customer.

This isn’t all, either. They also offer services in mixing and mastering and ghost production too. Track mastering is €35, a monthly mastering subscription is €19.99 and stem mastering is €75. For enquiries about ghost production, you can contact them from their website linked below.

A truly helpful website which would be more than great for any producer in the scene no matter the genre, HighLife is the website for every producer need, and you can browse their full selection of samples and services right here.


Image credit: Highlife blog

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