Kaskade makes Monstercat debut with ‘Flip Reset’ featuring WILL K

Attention all Monstercat fans: Kaskade has made his debut with the popular label. Titled ‘Flip Reset’ this allows us to see another side of the American producer. With WILL K in tow, who has been recognised by the likes of Axtone, Spinnin’, STMPD and more, there’s no doubt that this track is a huge deal, so let’s dive straight into it.

Rocket League fans will also know that the term ‘flip reset’, which the track shares a name with, is a move in the game, so it comes as no surprise that this single was actually made for the game itself. Rumours went wild when Kaskade tweeted a video of him flipping a record which had ‘season 1’ and ‘season 2’ on each side, referring to the game. We now know that Rocket League season two is coming, and that means even more music from our favourite artists. Speaking of the partnership, Kaskade said this:

“As a kid who grew up on a steady diet of arcades and video games, it’s only right that I finally get to team up with Monstercat and Rocket League! Being able to create music (and get my own in-game items) exclusively for this season has stoked the kid in me that has always considered video games the ultimate threshold for cool. I hope you enjoy playing and it’s time to put those speakers to work. Turn it up!”

‘Flip Reset’ takes us into a different realm of Kaskade’s production styles. The track is sleek, futuristic and minimalistic with a pulsating bass that is relentless, and carries on throughout the entire track runtime. Moving more into the bass side of his productions, this is a truly catchy body of work that we’ll find repeating for the next few months.

We can’t wait for this to be the start of something great with Kaskade and Monstercat! Until we find out more, we’ll be listening to ‘Flip Reset’ below.

Image Credit: Rukes.com

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