San Holo at Decadence NYE 2018

San Holo – bb u ok?

A few days ago, we reported on the news that San Holo was officially back from his social media hiatus with the announcement of a brand new single titled ‘bb u ok?’. Now, that track is officially out on all streaming sites now.

‘bb u ok?’ sees San Holo embark on a new journey in his musical career, stating on his Instagram page that ‘its time for a new chapter’. The track itself is very reminiscent of the irresistible signature sound that he has built for himself over the years, combined with his unique guitar sounds that he has lovingly incorporated more into his music in the past couple of years.

The track starts with a simple question: ‘bb u ok?’. Inspiring listeners to check up on those that they love, and themselves at the same. time, it is a sweet gesture that is stitched into the seams of what is an incredibly catchy track. The drop invites you to go crazy and lose yourself to the pulsating synths that soar and dance around, and then it goes into a delicate and beautiful guitar riff, giving way to the emotion that San Holo sprinkles into each production of his.

Overall, ‘bb u ok?’ is a brilliant new start to this next part of the San Holo music chapter that we can’t wait to dive into and explore. Stream the track below on Spotify now!


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