size?, Adidas and Cream team up for 90s throwback fashion line

The 90s, a time epitomised by the golden age of clubbing culture, the birth of the superclub, and of course, that sportswear fashion style that wasn’t just confined to an athletics club or the gym. So what better way to celebrate those halcyon days than a collaboration between Adidas, legendary clubbing brand Cream, and Liverpool’s own size? store.

Inspired by vintage Cream artwork, the collection comprises five pieces that combine to give you a full-on retro outfit with a clean contemporary spin. The base colour is cream (what else?) and there are accents of the various bold primary colours that made both Cream artwork and indeed 90s fashion so iconic – blues, greens, oranges, yellows, and burgundy. The full set is made up of a t-shirt, a tracksuit jacket and trousers, a bucket hat – perhaps the most 90s aspect of all – and the pièce de résistance, the Adidas Originals trainers.

The trainers are certainly contemporary and could be used every day, and the t-shirt would still find a place in a casual outfit, but that’s kind of missing the point. This collection is the latest in a long line of size? limited editions, available only via raffle if you’re buying online, and most buyers would be wise to keep such a collection in its packaging in anticipation of it being a future collectible. The raffle opens on Christmas Eve (Dec 24) and closes at 8am on Thurs Dec 29. If you fail to bag a place and live near Liverpool, you can visit their Bold Street store to buy in person on Weds Dec 30, but it’s worth noting that the limited edition launches often see long queues and even people camping on the streets.

If a cold night on the streets of Liverpool isn’t your cup of tea, then sign up to the raffel on size? launches app here.

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash