Sven Väth at Cocoon Printworks London

Sven Väth’s Cocoon celebrates 20 years with compilation including Solomun, Tiga and many more

It may be hard to believe, but two decades have passed since Sven Väth’s Cocoon Recordings inception. To mark such a great milestone, Sven announced the launch of a 15-track compilation and collector box containing new and exclusive music from artists already known on Sven’s brand. The celebratory album comes on the heels of Cocoon’s 20th Anniversary parties held at Amnesia in 2019 and follows the 19th edition of the brand annual alphabet compilation series.

This very special ‘20 Years Cocoon Recordings’ curated by the German pioneer features figures from Josh Wink, Planetary Assault Systems (Luke Slater‘s alias), Solomun, Petar Dundov, Sebastian Mullaert, Pig & Dan, Tiga & Roman Flügel, to name a few.

Sven Väth is the face of Cocoon Recordings but also of techno. His mastery and creativity have contributed to the evolution of the genre, so a selection of tracks from the hands of this iconic master leaves expectations high. Dramatic, groovy, sonic, melodic, deep, hard and rich. This is exactly what this fantastic collection brings, offering a futuristic look and taking techno into new directions. ‘20 Years Cocoon Recordings’ will be available on February 19 in a Collector Box of six 12” vinyl and also in digital format. You can pre-order now via Bandcamp. Check all the gems of this 15-track beauty below:

  1. Rampa – 2000
  2. Emanuel Satie – Departure
  3. Solomun – We Will Never Have Today Again
  4. Gregor Tresher – Nostalgia (Is The Enemy)
  5. Joseph Ashworth – Eavesdrop
  6. Pig and Dan – Trauma
  7. Josh Wink – Nuclei
  8. Ricardo Tobar – Eterna
  9. Tiga & Roman Flügel – Look To The Sky
  10. Planetary Assault Systems – Raww
  11. Jacek Sienkiewicz – Digitavi
  12. André Galluzzi & Daniel Stefanik – The Regulator
  13. Extrawelt – Murder Ballet
  14. Petar Dundov – Overtone
  15. 15. Sebastian Mullaert – Kikaqu

Image Credit: Jake Davis / Provided by We Are Full Fat