D’Angello & Francis

D’Angello & Francis set the pace with pulsating new hit: ‘Techno On My Mind’

We don’t know what’s on your mind but on D’Angello & Francis’ mind… It’s all about techno now. The Belgian duo didn’t hesitate to start the year in a fast-paced rhythm and give their fans a lot of their good energy. D’Angello & Francis, the crown jewels of Smash The House have just released a vibrant and screaming single. ‘Techno On My Mind’ represents the duo’s descent into the underground to immerse themselves in harder beats and more industrial sounds, without losing the brilliance that characterizes them.

This pair of artists have been cementing their place in the industry for the past two decades, spreading charm and success to their crowd of fans. Singles like ‘Victorum‘, ‘Kings‘, ‘Raveheart‘, ‘Shake‘, ‘Warchant‘ and ‘Electric Tribe‘ have shone on Beatport and USA Billboard charts and still have high turnover today. Their streaming numbers on Spotify are also a reflection of their unquestionable talent. ‘All Aboard’, their earth-shaking track with Bassjackers, has gathered more than 17 million streams. Not far below, their collaboration with the incendiary pair Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike ‘The Flight‘ received over 14 million streams.

D’Angello & Francis are chameleonic in their sets and also in the studio. Over time they have shown fantastic plasticity and diversity, never bleaching the quality of their productions. Recently, they showed their wide-ranging side with Armin van Buuren in Que Pasa‘, a great big room hit capable of destroying any sound system.

No less bombastic is ‘Techno On My Mind’. Launched today via Smash The House, it’s an eclectic mix of Future Rave sounds and techno flavoured beats. The looping vocal hypnotizes and leaves the audience completely wrapped up in the mind-blowing rhythm, full of techno on their mind. We suggest a robust and comfortable shoe, as the feet will gain a new speed. ‘Techno On My Mind’ is very rhythmic but not heavy, leaving the motto for an energetic and uplifting party. This is a track that asks for a dancefloor, friends around and the speakers at maximum volume.

‘Techno On My Mind’ is yet another major entrance to D’Angello & Francis’ musical arsenal. We hope to be able to dance to it at the world’s greatest music festivals, the usual stages of this unstoppable duo. Until then, listen to the last banger below:


Image Credit: D’Angello & Francis (Press)