Galantis drops feel-good house record ‘Dandelion’ with JVKE: Listen

Hailing from the home of the uplifting anthem, the Karlsson and Eklöw dream team continues to bring us that infectious Swedish electronic sound that is so widely loved. Christian and Linus, known to most as Galantis, are no stranger to the diverse pop-electronic crossover world, taking it by storm in their earlier years together. Moving well beyond the ‘Pharmacy‘ era (their monumental 2015 album), the duo hit 2021 with a phenomenal new release alongside JVKE titled ‘Dandelion‘, and you certainly want to hear it!

Racking up an impressive 7 billion plays on TikTok with his track Upside Down, you can see exactly why the Swedish giants wanted to jump on this track with JVKE. After working with the likes of Jason Derulo, the social media sensation was instantly recognisable when he requested to join an Instagram live with Galantis, and, after singing a snippet of a new idea, the Swedes decided to join JVKE on the track and the collaboration was born. This release joins a streak of genre-defying tracks that dropped in 2020 from Karlsson and Eklöw, with this one guaranteed to be a fan favourite. The low-key house-infused track is a perfect winter warmer to bring a bit of heat into a cold morning, and highlights the impeccable production abilities of both JVKE and Galantis.

To hear this track for yourself and make your own decision, listen to ‘Dandelion‘ by Galantis and JVKE below.

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