spitfire audio orginals drumline vst plugin

Review: Spitfire Audio Originals Drumline VST Plugin

Spitfire Audio recently rolled out a new drums library called “Drumline”. Drumline comes in as a dedicated VST plugin and is a part of the Spitfire Originals series. The library comes out as a collaboration of Spitfire and Bleeding fingers music (a leading custom scoring company in the film and television industry). Down below is our review of the plugin.

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Spitfire Drumline is a sample library containing marching band percussion. The library is a collection of one-shot samples and doesn’t offer any loops. Included within are snares, tenor drums, bass drums & cymbals. The quality of the percussion samples is exquisite. If you are aiming for including orchestral marching drums similar to artists like ODESZA, this library is the perfect addition to your toolkit. You also get the option to adjust the tightness, reverb settings, and variation of the sounds. Spitfire Drumline comes in with nine presets.



Spitfire Originals Drumline VST Plugin comes in as a part of the Originals series and is priced at $29.



Considering the fact that a majority of the orchestral drum libraries come at a very expensive cost, Drumline delivers far more than you would expect from a library at this price. Even if you don’t use marching band percussion often in your music the library offers you several quality samples that you can utilize for making fills.


Check out the library in action down below and to purchase click the “Buy Now” button.



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