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The New York-based company Splice releases an external tool called "Splice Bridge" to help you speed up your workflow. Splice Bridge is a tool for your DAW which is directly communicating with the Splice desktop app through your workstation. This allows the sample you've selected from Splice to match your track's key and BPM before having to use your credits to buy the

If we were to create a list of the fastest-growing bass producers, one of the first people mentioned would be, without a doubt, Jesse Kardon, better known as Subtronics. If you've at least the slightest bit wiped out the dubstep scene in 2020, it's probably impossible that you haven't heard his collaboration with GRiZ, 'Griztronics'. His 5-segment mix series 'NOW

Renowned sample pack maker recently announced the release of their second vst plugin Vortex. Vortex is the successor to Cymatics' first-ever vst plugin Diablo whose full version will also be released on the same date as Vortex i.e. January 22nd at 12 PM EST.   | Best House & Techno Sample Packs - Click here to checkout     Vortex is an 808 enhancer plugin

What is a Wavetable? A wavetable is a group of sampled sound waves. In other words, it's a collection of various single cycle waveforms. The most basic waveforms are sine, saw, square & triangle. Wavetable synthesis is one of the many types of synthesis at which a single cycle waveform can be randomly chosen out of a collection of wave shapes. The interpolation

The piano is one of the most used instruments in modern-day music and has been one for a long period of time. Each of these large musical instruments has its own distinctive sound character, perfectly suitable for every music genre. The specific warmth, body, brightness, power, and air is depending on its harmonic spectrum which can function as a layer to

Spitfire Audio recently rolled out a new drums library called "Drumline". Drumline comes in as a dedicated VST plugin and is a part of the Spitfire Originals series. The library comes out as a collaboration of Spitfire and Bleeding fingers music (a leading custom scoring company in the film and television industry). Down below is our review of the plugin.   |

Widely known sample pack production company released their first-ever free VST plugin title Diablo Lite. Diablo Lite is a demo version of the main plugin 'Diablo' which is expected to be released soon.   | Maddix Sounds Of The Tribe Sample Pack Giveaway - Participate   Diablo Lite is a drum enhancer plugin that primarily aims to enhance your bass drums and 808s

Plugin manufacturer Wide Blue Sound recently released a new VST synth plugin, Elysium which specializes in creating pulses, arps & synthetic percussion parts. Elysium has been gaining quite some traction since its release catering to a user-friendly interface and ease of use. It comes in as a KONTAKT plugin instrument and was released on November 30, 2020. Down below is our in-depth