Baby Audio Acquires Denise Audio Image Credits: Baby Audio

Baby Audio Acquires Denise Audio

Baby Audio announced its acquisition of the plugin development company Denise Audio, a purchase made on September 1st, 2023. In a strategic move, the deal marks a significant milestone for both companies, promising exciting developments in their product offerings. Denise Audio will maintain its autonomy, operating independently under the Baby Audio umbrella. This decision reflects Baby Audio’s goal to maintain the unique identity and creative spirit that defines Denise Audio. Baby Audio aims to promote innovation by allowing the company to function independently while encouraging collaboration between the two entities regarding research and development.


Baby Audio has released the following statement:


We will be able to treat Denise Audio as a playground for bringing out esoteric concepts, as this is aligned with the brand’s profile, while we can continue to increase the ambition level for Baby Audio with a bigger development team. Operating two brands will give us the bandwidth to do things with improved muscle and purpose.”


One of the initial changes following the is the revitalization of Denise Audio’s online presence has seen an update since the acquisition with an updated website layout, providing a fresh and user-friendly interface for its clientele. In addition, Denise Audio has undergone a technological overhaul. All Denise Audio plugins have been meticulously rebuilt to integrate with the latest computer operating systems, ensuring compatibility with the most recent technology advancements and reaffirming the commitment to delivering cutting-edge audio solutions.


“We started Denise Audio in 2018 and it’s been a great journey. But after 5 years in the plugin industry, I wanted to pursue other passions (more on that to be announced soon). This meant we began looking for a new owner of Denise Audio who would carry on – and improve upon – our work with a respect for the user base and new ideas for the future.To me, Baby Audio was the perfect buyer as I’ve always admired their attention to detail and product quality. I’m sure they will continue the journey for Denise Audio and take the brand further. I’m very happy with the deal and excited to share what I have coming in the near future.”

-Rob Stegeman, Former Denise Audio CEO


As both companies chart new territories in their respective domains, users can anticipate a unique blend of innovation in the product offerings to come. For more information, click here.


Image credit: Baby Audio

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