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Baby Audio boasts a range of award-winning effects plugins that will color your sound source in multiple different ways. Their catalog includes the famous Crystalline, Spaced Out, IHNY-2, Smooth Operator, TAIP, Super VHS, Comeback Kid, Parallel Aggressor and the free Magic Dice, Magic Switch, and Baby Comeback. Joining this laudable list of free software is a curious and creative new

BABY Audio isn't as ubiquitous as some of their competitors, but that only makes them one of the best kept secrets in plugins. Despite occasionally flying under the radar, they consistently make software that are adored by pros and bedroom producers alike, with the new Baby Audio IHNY-2 parallel compressor showing exactly why.   | Best House & Techno Sample Packs – Click here   The

Baby Audio has been creating quite some buzz within the music production industry recently with its immaculate yet affordable set of plugins. For the first time, Baby Audio incorporated AI (Artificial Intelligence) into developing their new tape emulation plugin, TAIP.   Instead of trying to copy the circuitry of analog gear, they've trained an algorithm that mimics the circuitry for you. While creating