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ADSR has launched its latest plugin Drum Machine. It comes in with a wide range of options and features for producers. The brand ADSR is widely known for its Sample Packs, Plugins, online courses, and producer website. Everything a producer needs is on the website and they have created a big producer community. Down below is an in depth look into their

Every year, the biggest plugin developers come up with their newest assets. With so many plugin developers in the market, time and again we witness revolutionary and unique plugins. Some of them come at a cost that isn't affordable by many upcoming producers across the globe. To their advantage, there are quite a few free plugins on the market that

So after hours of recording and tinkering, you're finally satisfied with all the elements of your track- now what? Well, as many of you will know, it gets even harder. Mixing and mastering are never quick and easy, but with time and practice, you'll find that it's absolutely doable. Of course, you're going to need all the tools for the

Arturia is one of the most renowned brands in the music production and tech space. Their top-tier digital replicas of famous synthesizers have become industry-standard for over 20 years now. Today, they announced the 9th version of their Collection series. A lot has been changed and added so make sure you have a look down below.   | Best VST Plugins of 2022

As we originally wrote about a couple days ago, Dutch superstar Hardwell has come together with Luca Pretolesi, Studio DMI, and Acustica Audio to create Space Control, a stereo enhancer plugin which is now available for purchase! Designed to combine Hardwell's and Pretolesi's respective workflows into one plugin, this exciting new software promises to help you take your tracks to the

Hardwell has been in the headlines non-stop since his extraordinary return at Ultra Miami back in March. His clear change in style has been much discussed in recent weeks and has helped to generate massive buzz ahead of what will surely be a busy 2022. The anticipation for his upcoming second full-length record, "Rebels Never Die", could hardly be any

No matter the kind of electronic music you make, a good synth is absolutely vital. It's something you're going to need for every track you work on, and it makes your life that much easier when you find the right one for you. One might think that you'd need to shell out hundreds for a good VST synth, but there's

The origin of enriching instruments through distortion started when the first pieces of hardware were introduced. By overloading tubes and transistors distortion effect was created, adding different harmonic frequency content depending on the type of analog circuitry. Technology is getting close to mimicking the warmth and character of analog distortion and there are many great digital replicas out there. We've