Since the kick and bass is the foundation of almost every dance track, you want to hear these elements just as much as the other instruments no matter what sound system you're on. Through this article, we discuss the importance of the lower midbass in your tracks. You will also learn how to make a powerful bassline that cuts through

For some people, a piano is just a piano. And for some, a piano is much more than "just a piano". Just like there are different kinds of music genres, there are different kinds of pianos within the word "piano" which is leading us to explain the three most common piano types currently used in music production.     The Grand Piano The largest

Sound Particles' main goal is controlling the space and time of sound within a 3D world. With a total of 4 plugins and 1 standalone app, you'll be able to design every sound in a special way. Their latest plugin called Brightness Panner got released on April 13, 2021. Down below you'll find a review of this panning plugin.   Features At first

Bass house producer Habstrakt has been actively streaming on Twitch sharing his musical prowess with aspiring music producers. Gathering the information from his live streams, here you will find the list of plugins used by Habstrakt. This list will hopefully give some insight and inspiration for your future electronic music productions.   Plugins used by Habstrakt 1. Fabfilter Pro L2 One of the most

The New York-based company Splice releases an external tool called "Splice Bridge" to help you speed up your workflow. Splice Bridge is a tool for your DAW which is directly communicating with the Splice desktop app through your workstation. This allows the sample you've selected from Splice to match your track's key and BPM before having to use your credits to buy the

Delay is one of the most used effects in any form of music. There are tons of delay plugins and analog gear available on the market. However, with the growing technological advancements and creativity every now and then we see some new groundbreaking tools. One plugin that belongs to this category is the newly released DelSane by Rob Papen.   | Baby Audio

Oeksound is a young plugin development company based in Helsinki, Finland, with only 1 purpose in mind, solving time-consuming problems within music production. They have been making big waves by releasing their first plugins called soothe and spiff, supported by award-winning mixing engineers/producers Kenny Beats, and Josh Gudwin. The successor, soothe 2, won the 2021 SOS awards as the best

Oeksound has only released 2 plugins(Soothe 2 & Spiff) to date however both of them have gained immense support from music producers across the globe. Oeksound Spiff is a must-have plugin when it comes to transient control. There are plenty of transient control plugins in the market so this had to be something special to get into our list. Read our

Spitfire Audio released Mrs. Mills Piano as a successor to their immaculate series of Hans Zimmer piano, Firewood piano, and the Orchestral Grand piano. Mrs. Mills Piano was released on March 25, this year, in name of the British pianist Gladys Mills. Down below is our review of the plugin. Features Spitfire, once again, did an extraordinary job in recording this Steinway

Baby Audio has some of the most exciting mixing and effects plugins available on the market. Starting today, you'll be able to get hold of some amazing plugins by Baby Audio for free in this giveaway. Curious to know how to participate? Down below you'll find all the information about the giveaway.   Prizes: 1st Prize: All Plugins Bundle This bundle will include all of Baby

iZotope has been dominating the music production industry for a while now with its state-of-the-art plugins. Their mixing & mastering plugins have been used by many professionals and even Grammy-award-winning artists, such as Greg Kurstin and Emily Lazar. iZotope's RX8 is used for audio restoration and has been gaining quite some traction among music producers. We're excited to share an

Plugin manufacturer Mastering The Mix in November 2020 released their latest mixing & mastering utility VST plugin called 'Reference 2'. With its immaculate ability to help you in achieving cleaner mixes easily, the plugin has received support from artists such as Nicky Romero.   | Baby Audio All Plugins Giveaway - Click here to Participate   Reference 2 allows you to compare your track with

Arturia has been designing and manufacturing electronic musical instruments, as well as emulating the best synthesizers ever made. They have just released the new Arturia "Pigments 3" following some huge success with their existing Pigments series. The softsynth works as a standalone app so you can use it to play live with a keyboard controller, or a plugin in your DAW.  Pigments