Arturia announces massive Valentine’s Day sale

As a global leader in music production and sound design software and hardware, Arturia is a trusted name for producers everywhere looking to enhance their own skills and projects.  For any producer, engineer, or interested party looking to expand their sound catalog and library, the upcoming weeks would be a great chance to do so with items available at a deep discount.

For a limited time, Arturia is offering 50% savings on individual software titles and sound banks.  As a prominent player in the music production field, this opportunity is a great chance to expand any studio or creation space by adding top-tier products to an arsenal.  The collection of sound banks is vast, providing sonic options of all sorts of varieties that are sure to inspire producers everywhere while ensuring access to a wide range of sounds, soundscapes, and creators.  Browsing through the digital library, customers will be presented with a wide variety of bass, synth, and other sound banks, sure to invoke inspiration at every turn.

Arturia is also well known for its software instruments, a wide range of titles that are carefully crafted to replicate and create with the same power and precision as their world-renowned hardware instruments.  Browsing the collection, producers have a wide variety of synthesizers as well as string and voice collections to choose from, all of which will certainly enhance any production or project.  While most software and sound banks are already modestly priced, the upcoming sale is certainly a gift to musicians who may have limited funds to extend to new purchases and studio additions.

The sale will last about two weeks, having begun on February 14th and ending on March 2nd.  Be sure to head over to Arturia’s website and browse their vast collection before stocking up while saving 50%.

Image Credit: Arturia

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