U-He Diva

U-He Diva Updates to 1.4.6, Integrates NKS Technology

One of the music tech sphere’s most well-liked synths has gotten a new update: U-He Diva is now at version 1.4.6, and with it comes NKS support and a temporary offer for new users.


“The Spirit of Analog” as it makers like to call it, Diva ostensibly stands for “Dinosaur Impersonating Virtual Analog” (yes, really) and is essentially a pastiche of classic synths. The plugin’s been around for over a decade now, but the new version proves there’s still plenty of life in it- Native Instruments has made it NKS compatible, meaning that it’s now part of the company’s heavily integrated workflow.


U-He lists a number of changes to the software-

  • Better CLAP support
  • Support for native Silicon AAX (Pro Tools)
  • Support for the next generation of Native Instruments NKS technology
  • Support for macOS Ventura / Sonoma
  • Linux: Support for MTS-ESP microtuning
  • Better Windows installer


You can read a full list of updates here.


If you’ve already got U-He Diva, the update is, of course, free, and can be downloaded from the U-He website. If you don’t have it yet, it’s a good time to buy- the plugin is 25% off as part of Native Instruments’ NKS special offer. You can get it here.


Image credit: U-He
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