deep plate (Waves Gemstones)

Waves Add 4 New Effects to Gemstones Line

Waves Audio is already expanding on their new plugin line, Waves Gemstones. Four new options (Deep Plate, Sugar Cube, Ripples, and Static) join the initial roster of 10 as the company grows this nascent series of creative effects.


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Launched as Gems, the collection went live just a couple of months of ago, towards the end of May. It works as a standalone plugin through which you can quickly and seamlessly load the desired effect; the Gemstones, designed to be simple and quick to use, have only a few controls. Joining a group containing a vocal enhancer, ambient effects, and vintage tones, the new offerings are a bit more standard fare:


  • Deep Plate
    • Plate-based reverb
  • Sugar Cube
    • Chorus
  • Ripples
    • Lo-fi modulation
  • Static
    • “Soft-around-the-edges” static TV sound


Gemstones has been described as a “growing collection” by the company from the very beginning- even more effects will hopefully arrive soon.


The four new effects are all available in Waves Gemstones as of July 26th- the entire line can be used as part of Waves Creative Access, a pair of subscription services featuring the company’s vast catalog of plugins. Waves Essential, with 110 plugins, is $12.50 a month or $149.99 a year and only contains five of the Gemstones (RockVoc, Sunsets, The Neighbor, Liquid Glass, and Fan Only); Waves Ultimate, which features every plugin the company makes, is $20.83 or $249.99 annually. Watch the video below to get a quick look at what the Gemstones are capable of!


Image credit: Waves Audio

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