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Yellow Claw calls upon the Barong Family Rangers for adrenalating single ‘Bassgod’: Listen

Growing up, many of us can relate to watching the Power Rangers saving the day during those early mornings before heading to school. Similarly, Yellow Claw and Barong Family members Juyen Sebulba, Sihk, Indonesia’s talented rapper Ramengvrl have started off the new year by uniting and saving the music community with an adrenaline-pumping single “Bassgod.” From creating their own merch line to hosting writing camps in Asia, and plenty more over the years, Barong Family has proven to be more than just music. They are a unique family who motivates each other to keep pushing their sound forward while showing that the bond these global producers have is stronger than ever. Now, bringing it back to that bass-driven madness we all need in our lives, trust the Barong Family Rangers to take you on an adrenaline-pumping ride through this festival-ready single. Warning, this track is highly addictive to bass lovers.

Launching off with a thumping bassline and alarming instrumentals, Ramengvrl goes hard with her classic vocals as she lures listeners into the madness to come. With echos upon echos of bass-infused signatures, a fury of drum claps leads listeners into a hardstyle melody without the synth. There is no denying the Barong Family Rangers are joining efforts to drive speakers to their limits with a mirage of skull-shattering bass. A perfect portrayal of the diversified production style the Barong Family talent has to offer, ‘Bassgod’ is undeniably going to be a festival anthem to fuel the crowd up with the utmost energy. Releasing the hard-hitting single alongside an epic music video to see the Barong Family Rangers in full action, Yellow Claw, Juyen Sebulba, Sihk, and Ramengvrl are the true bass heroes in 2021.

Check out the official music video below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Image Credit: Barong Family / Yellow Claw (Press)



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