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Yellow Claw’s imprint Barong Family celebrate 200th release with eclectic ‘BF200’ EP: Listen

Celebrating 6 years of continuous success in the music industry, Yellow Claw’s Barong Family has become internationally recognized as not only an influential label but as a strong community united by their diversified sound and genuine love for music. From their first-ever label release “Lick Dat” to providing listeners a chance to experience going “Hard In Bangkok,” the Barong Family are here to consistently showcase their forward-thinking, yet energetic sound. In celebration of their 200th release, the Barong Family have released their seven-track EP compilation “BF200” which features a selection of warriors in the music industry. Traveling across space in order to save their home planet one beat at a time, Yellow Claw, Wiwek, Crisis Era, RayRay, GHOSTER, DJ Soda, Nonsens, Psycho Boys Club, and many more have been called upon to take us on a sonic journey.

Launching off with an energetic collaboration from Yellow Claw and Wiwek on “I Want It,” these producers bring us into a world of distortion aligned with alarming instrumentals and high-pitched vocals. Now, the Canadian duo Crisis Era never disappoints when it comes to delivering their cutting-edge sound design which is undeniably noticeable in “Funky Pills.” Starting with an eerie build-up fueled with slow-tempo vocals and a surprising futuristic house drop which none of us expected, Crisis Era begins to slow things down a notch as you are introduced to a monstrous bassline which only continues to get stronger. It is safe to say many around the world have a true “Obsession” with both RayRay and DJ Soda’s production style, but what if we told you both of their worlds have collided on this one. Undeniably a huge collaboration on the album, powerful vocals intertwined with doses of hard-hitting bass and annihilating synths deliver a force not many can take lightly.

Already highly impressed with the outcome, Yellow Claw themselves reworked the Tokyo Ghetto Pussy’s 1995 hit “Kiss Your Lips” which provides the classic a modern dance facelift. Ever feel like you did not “Belong” somewhere? Well, the Russian electronic artist GHOSTER has provided the perfect sense of belonging featuring powerful vocals from NANAMI. Kicking off with a steady piano instrumental with soothing vocals, this producer leads listeners directly into an intensified build up fueled with alarming and rattling synths. Suddenly, dropping a trap-infused melody consisting of wonky bass and high-pitched chimes, this producer is not playing any games when it comes to taking things up a notch. Continuing to push the pedal one drop at a time, Nonsens brings their festival-ready energy into “Teaze” which shifts from snippets of house to even some fast-tempo madness to pump up any party in sight. With the entire family going off on this compilation, there is indeed no time for a “Break.” All systems are a go, as Psycho Boys Club’s end off the compilation in the hardest way possible with a series of destructive instrumentals to take over the track at a rapid pace.

Spanning sounds from three continents into an epic celebration compilation, Yellow Claw shares:

“It has been a wild ride since when we had put out our first release on Barong Family back in 2014. During the past 6 years, we have met many talented artists who wanted to take part in this adventure with us and joined the family. Moksi, RayRay, Wiwek, and more all saw the transition from Barong Family – a music label to Barong Family – a worldwide brand with its own merch lines, writing camps in Asia, documentaries, sold-out tours in North America, own stages at the world’s biggest festivals. 200 releases seem like a big number, and 6 years feel like a very long time, but for us, thanks to what we do and whom we are fortunate to work with, it feels like we are just starting, as our excitement never faded away.”

Listen to the full compilation below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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