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Celebrating 6 years of continuous success in the music industry, Yellow Claw's Barong Family has become internationally recognized as not only an influential label but as a strong community united by their diversified sound and genuine love for music. From their first-ever label release "Lick Dat" to providing listeners a chance to experience going "Hard In Bangkok," the Barong Family are here to consistently showcase

Returning to Amsterdam Music Event this year for another supercharged showcase, OWSLA has revealed this year's epic lineup. Featuring the likes of Wiwek, Valentino Khan, and Mija, this year's event is sure to be one of ADE's biggest highlights. Founded in 2011, Skrillex's record label OWSLA has always been a platform for huge talents, with a roster featuring the likes of Jack

Since its release in 2014, Wiwek and Alvaro’s monstrous collaboration has been successfully lighting up numerous clubs and festivals across the globe. With such earth-shattering jungle sounds, this tune has been able to electrify large crowds and effectively please any listener’s ears. Titled “Boomshakatak”, the track has been heavily supported by dance music’s most renowned heavyweights such as Skrillex, Bingo Players, and

Wiwek, the Netherlands-based figurehead of the so called jungle terror, which combines hair-raising moombah and dub-inspired beats, finally released his eagerly awaited "The Free and Rebellious EP". After continuously teasing his collaboration with Skrillex over the past few months, the blaring "ID" named "Killa" can now be found as the gleaming token of this killer EP. With this publishment, Wiwek managed to create

After the huge success of his track “Deep Down Low”, Valentino Khan looks to carry the momentum from 2015 into the new year. Officially being the most played song by DJ’s last year, the track has evidently received much support from his companions and from fans. Following this big release on Skrillex’s label OWSLA, Khan is back with yet another

There's just something about the Jungle Terror sound that is taking the EDM world by storm. Be it the bone-shaking percussion, heart-thumping kicks, and common use of tribal vocal samples - it's as if it hits some sort of primal note in our brain that sets our bodies into a rhythmic craze. Leading the charge for this sound is none other

Tomorrowland, arguably the world’s biggest music festival is just around the corner. As hundreds of thousands of people flock into Boom, Belgium to take part, we select our top 10 must-see acts for both attendees and stream viewers alike.   FRIDAY JULY 24th Mainstage Master - AVICII (Main Stage 22:45-0:00) Avicii has been quiet over late-2014 and the New Year period, reducing performances focusing heavily

The world number one DJ Hardwell has finally returned onto original duty after his colossal debut album 'United We Are', and to really hotten things up, it's a collaboration with fellow dutch artist Wiwek. It's festival ready and slightly unusual from other Hardwell's productions. It's full of energy, bouncy and it gives us a different view on the world's number one.

Fresh off his debut album ”United We Are”, that premiered earlier this year, the number 1 DJ of the world Hardwell is back together with his fellow countryman Wiwek for the massive Jungle Terror - ’Chameleon’. With a throwback to the early days of Hardwell’s bouncy and energetic sounds, combined with the usual exciting electro vibes of Wiwek, this huge collaboration has