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Relive Don Diablo’s ‘FUTURE’ album [Magazine Featured]

Three years ago, leading DJ/producer Don Diablo unveiled his long-awaited album, ‘FUTURE’. With 18 tracks exploring the vast realm of electronic music, the album further cemented the Dutchman’s position as one of the most in-demand artists in the scene. Expectations were high ahead of the album’s release, but these expectations were undoubtedly surpassed with an album that celebrated his talents in the studio. The diverse selection of tracks was a mark of Don Diablo’s ability to experiment and excel in any sub-genre of his choosing, branching out from the future house genre that had seen him rocket to success. Let’s relive Don Diablo’s ‘FUTURE’ album.

Don Diablo’s release schedule over recent years has been incredibly fast-paced, often releasing one brand new track per week. The album brought a change of pace, shining light on the 18 tracks included and giving fans more time to celebrate these specific releases. With stand-out hits such as ‘Every- body’s Somebody’ with BullySongs, ‘You Can’t Change Me’, ‘Momentum’, and ‘Satellites’, this album was packed with top quality material that served Don Diablo well over his many live performances.

Since the release of the ‘FUTURE’ album, fans have been awaiting Don Diablo’s next record. Initially due to be released in 2019, the ‘FOREVER’ album has been in the works for some time. Though the due date for the ‘FOREVER’ album is as yet unknown, the anticipation is at an all time high, with fans eager to hear the next installment from the future house maestro.



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