Baauer returns with new single ‘DDOKBOKKI’ featuring Omega Sapien: Listen

Great news has just come in: Baauer is back. Coming in hot with his first original release of 2021, it takes the form of ‘DDOKBOKKI’ and features Omega Sapien, the K-pop artist part of the up-and-coming group Balming Tiger.

2021 saw Baauer kick it off with a huge first Grammy nomination for his second studio album, 2020’s ‘Planet’s Mad. Also releasing a clothing collaboration with Pangea, he now gets back into the music world with ‘DDOKBOKKI’, following on from 2020 release The Boptape. The unique track is bursting with flavour and excitement, exactly what we expect from the American producer. With both artists connecting over direct messages, they created pure magic together and the result is something that will stick in your mind, and ears, for a long time.

Straight away, it wastes no time in raising those energy levels and from the get go it is full steam ahead. The unique vocals provided expertly by Omega Sapien will have you instantly wanting to learn all the words so you can sing along and the fiesty energy brought in bucket loads by Baauer and his unique soundscape will leave you feeling intrigued, wanting more, yet satisfied. Not holding back anything, the energy levels are at an all-time high, and it’s clear that Baauer wants everyone to know that 2021 is going to massive to say the least.

Get stuck into the new single ‘DDOKBOKKI’ below, and kickstart your day in the most epic way.

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