Dustin Husain

Dustin Husain – Indigo Plateau

Dustin Husain is no stranger to a huge trance record, and none come bigger than his shining new release on Flashover Recordings entitled ‘Indigo Plateau’.

Hailing from Los Angeles, the exciting prospect with over 320,000 Spotify plays has already been championed by the likes of Paul van Dyk, Ferry Corsten and Armin van Buuren on their respective radio shows, and his latest production sure demonstrates why. Offering up an emphatic melodic top-line, ‘Indigo Plateau’ satisfies on every level, right down the intricacies of percussion; making for a euphoric trance moment. The record takes its inspiration from the world of Pokémon, referencing the an in-game area with its awe-inspiring and elevating melodies.

Looking to play a part in innovating the dance music scene, Dustin’s productions don’t just stop at trance. Transcending genres with his techno and progressive inspired alias, DH, he has released under a number of record labels and has landed in the Beatport Top 100 techno charts alongside its trance rankings on multiple occasions. With a few breakthrough years under his belt, showcasing his high-energy and uplifting trance sound to the world, Dustin Husain, undoubtedly has a bright future ahead of him.

Be sure to check out the elating new trance single ‘Indigo Plateau’ by Dustin Husain below!

Image Credit: Dustin Husain


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