Jean-Michel Jarre

Jean-Michel Jarre remixes Deathpact’s most recent unreleased ‘ID’

Jean-Michel Jarre, the French legend of electronic music releases the first remix of his career and the original was handpicked. In 2018, when Deathpact’s creativity gained the attention of the electronic music world, one of the artists who immediately showed appreciation for the sound of this project was Jean-Michel Jarre. The French tastemaker made no secret of his desire to one day be able to work with Deathpact, a wish he now fulfils in a very, very special way: a remix. It may seem like a lie, but this is the first remix of the famous French artist. After more than 50 years of his career with countless performances and 21 studio albums of originals that have sold more than 85 million copies, a remix comes out. Last Friday that historic moment arrived and the one who deserved the honour was the peerless Deathpact.

Deathpact is made of concept, abstraction, darkness and morphism. His sound is truly creative and unique, only possible by the hand of a brilliant mind. While real identity remains unknown, artistic identity is very visible and captivating. It was these characteristics that attracted the French electronic music composer and producer, who has also always been dedicated to art in a visionary way. The remix now brought to us by the genius of Jean-Michel is of Deathpact’s latest unheard original ‘ID’. This not-yet-released single has already earned several remixes, including ones by Biicla, Opiuo and Deafheaven, also released on Friday. About this experience, Jean-Michel Jarre said:

‘Deathpact is an absolute unique act with a singular sound. This ‘ID’ is a great schizophrenic track with different moods. This is what I tried to push in my Rework.”

The remix is compelling, hypnotic and exquisite, blending the darkness of Deathpact with the danceable energy of Jean-Michel. It’s a beautiful dark melody, perfectly tuned with a robotic vocal. The rhythm of this track is mesmerizing and eye-catching, being impossible not to submerge into a soft yet well-paced dance. The metrics are unpredictable, offering a diversified and multi-layered journey. It’s modern, futuristic and brilliant, just like these artists.

Jean-Michel Jarre’s remix of ‘ID’ was released on March 5 via World Recordings and is now available on various platforms. Get mesmerised by the first remix of this musical genius’ career below:


Image Credit: Louis Adrien Le Blay / Provided by Falcon Publicity