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Jean-Michel Jarre has challenged Brian Eno to recreate 'EPICA', one of the extracts from his latest album 'OXYMORE'. In October, Jean-Michel Jarre released his highly anticipated album 'OXYMORE'. Billed as one of the most technologically ambitious and conceptual works, the French pioneer's 22nd album was released as a tribute to the late French composer Pierre Henry. As well as being an

Jean-Michel Jarre has made a career from a his brilliant, lavish and often experimental soundscapes and meticulous productions.  His obsessive attention to detail and commitment to pushing the boundaries and possibilities for both the creation and consumption of music were seen with the release of his latest album, the multi channel and binaural masterpiece, Oxymore. In the buildup to the new

The remastered edition celebrates the 40th anniversary of the historic album that marked Jean-Michel Jarre's career forever. French icon Jean-Michel Jarre will release a revamped remastered version of his historic live album 'The Concerts In China'. Scheduled for release on November 25th, the 40th edition of the album will feature a 180g 2LP version with a gatefold sleeve, including a collector's

Jean-Michel Jarre has returned with his 22nd album and what may be his most ambitious and technologically impressive release to date, the multi channel and binaural release, Oxymore.  Drawing inspiration from the late French composer Pierre Henry, with whom Jarre had planned on collaborating with for his album, Electronica, Henry's widow provided original sounds intended for the work which were

Electronic music pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre delivers a techno-infused track with apocalyptic force, saying that 'BRUTALISM' is 'definitely a heavier track'. Frenchman Jean-Michel Jarre is one of the most iconic pioneers of electronic music, and after his extensive and brilliant career, he has not slowed down his creative mind. Jarre continues to innovate the industry and innovate himself, and the proof is

One of the pioneers of electronic music, Jean-Michel Jarre has announced that his 22nd studio album ‘OXYMORE’ will be released on Friday, October 21 via Sony Music. The new album can be described as an immersive piece of work; a multi-channel and 3D binaural experience. Multi-channel binaural sound revolutionises how music is composed, mixed and produced, by placing sounds and textures

The legendary French electronic music producer Jean-Michel Jarre has finally released a brand new 52-minute music score for the filmographic project ‘Amazônia, led by the Brasilian award winning photographer and filmmaker Sebastião Salgado. This exhibition will be presented in the Philharmonie de Paris, showcasing over 200 photographs of the Brazilian Amazonas. This is indeed a very big project, as the Brazilian

French electronic musician Jean-Michel Jarre will perform live in 'Alone Together'. 'Alone Together' is anticipated as a virtual live 2D and 3D performance broadcast across digital platforms. The unique performance, imagined and composed by Jarre in accordance with VrROOM, a social virtual reality world, will feature Jarre as a virtual avatar in a custom made virtual world where the audience can

40 years after the release of his first Oxygene album, the father of electronica Jean-Michel Jarre announced the release of Oxygene 3 later on this year. The release date for this masterpiece is set for December 2nd, 2016 and will present 7 new continuations of Oxygene, from part 14 until part 20. The 4 decades journey is the most consistent example