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Jean-Michel Jarre joins forces with Adiescar Chase on ‘Synthy Sisters Take Two’: Listen

Renowned artist Jean-Michel Jarre and emerging British composer Adiescar Chase have jointly revealed their latest creation, titled “Synthy Sisters Take Two.” The track is a reimagined version of “Synthy Sisters,” originally featured in Jarre’s highly acclaimed album ‘OXYMORE‘ released in 2022.

This rework forms part of a series of collaborative endeavors inspired by the album, including “EPICA TAKE 2” in partnership with Marseille-based Electronic producer and multi-instrumentalist, French 79; “EPICA EXTENSION” with the legendary Brian Eno; “BRUTALISM TAKE 2” featuring Martin Gore; and “BRUTALISM REPRISE” alongside Deathpact.

Adiescar Chase, a celebrated composer known for her notable contributions to the soundtrack of the Netflix series “Heartstopper,” brings her distinctive talent to “Synthy Sisters Take Two.” With the addition of her captivating operatic vocals and unique synths, Chase imbues the track with her artistic imprint.

Reflecting on her connection with Jean-Michel Jarre’s music, Adiescar shares how his groundbreaking album “Oxygène” played a pivotal role in shaping her musical journey. The auditory expedition offered by Jarre’s music, filled with captivating soundscapes and audio sensations, inspired her exploration into synthesized sound and diverse musical genres.

Working alongside Jarre and his team on this rework, Adiescar expresses her delight in the creative process. She adds her personal touch to the track by infusing it with additional vocals, classical piano, strings, and her signature synths. The collaboration has been marked by mutual trust and enthusiasm for their craft, creating a harmonious and joyful experience.

The original “Synthy Sisters” track is part of Jarre’s album ‘OXYMORE,’ which pays tribute to the French roots of electronic music and honors the late composer Pierre Henry, who significantly influenced the genre. The album represents Jarre’s most ambitious and pioneering work to date, making extensive use of multichannel and binaural sound (spatial 3D). Crafted with dedication, Jean-Michel Jarre produced, composed, recorded, and mixed the album in 360-degree audio at the “Innovation” studios in Radio France, establishing a remarkable milestone in the world of music.

Listen to this masterpiece below:


Image Credit: François Rousseau / Provided by Falcon Publicity

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