Jean-Michel Jarre & Nina Kraviz

Jean-Michel Jarre collaborates with Nina Kraviz on ‘Sex in the Machine Take 2’: Listen

“Sex in the Machine Take 2” is a collaborative rework of Jean-Michel Jarre’s original track “Sex in the Machine” from his album ‘OXYMORE.’ This new version features the artistic contributions of Nina Kraviz, a prominent techno artist known for her unique style and use of vocals. The rework aims to infuse the dark, mechanical rhythms of the original track with Nina Kraviz’s hypnotic and atmospheric touch.

Nina Kraviz’s involvement in Jean-Michel Jarre “Sex in the Machine Take 2” includes adding her own vocals, which bring a haunting and futuristic quality to the track. The result is a combination of syncopated beats, layered synths, and dark melodic motifs that create an immersive ambiance for listeners. The collaborative effort seeks to transport the audience into a state of meditative euphoria through its blend of ambiance, melody, rhythm, and progression.

Jean-Michel Jarre expressed his admiration for Nina Kraviz’s unique style and her ability to add a “dark poetic colour” to her tracks. He praised her contribution to the rework, highlighting how she effectively enhances the existing musical elements.

This collaboration is part of a series of reworks from Jarre’s ‘OXYMORE’ album, where he has teamed up with various artists to create fresh interpretations of his original compositions. Other collaborators include Adiescar Chase, French 79, Brian Eno, Martin Gore, and Deathpact.

The original “Sex in the Machine” track was included in Jarre’s ‘OXYMORE’ album, which was released as a tribute to the French roots of electronic music and an homage to the late French composer Pierre Henry. ‘OXYMORE’ is notable for being Jean-Michel Jarre’s most ambitious and groundbreaking album, utilizing multichannel and binaural sound (spatial 3D) for a unique audio experience. The album was produced, composed, recorded, and mixed in 360-degree audio at the “Innovation” studios at Radio France.



Image Credits: Jean-Michel Jarre Photograph via François Rousseau & Nina Kraviz via Fred Gasi / Provided by Falcon Publicity

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