Porter Robinson at Hard Summer Music Festival 2016

Porter Robinson releases final single from ‘Nurture’ titled ‘Musician’: Listen

As ‘Nurture’, the second studio album by Porter Robinson, is getting closer and closer, our last taste of the album before the full piece drops is finally here. ‘Musician’ serves to be the last single from ‘Nurture’, and is a unique taste different from what we have been given from the previous four released singles.

As he stated on his Twitter account, he had an early rule to stick to that he created for himself with ‘Nurture’, which was “no supersaws no 808 subs no classic breakbeats”, but he wanted ‘Musician’ to be that one song he could have complete fun with. Also going further in detail, he tweeted out that the original idea was to have a fun instrumental for the album, but he couldn’t force it to stay as an instrumental track any longer and instead created the version which saw an official release. He does state, though, that the ‘weird’ version of the track is in the live show.

‘Musician’ is a celebration of the album itself, where he finally found his footing. The lyrics detail the joy of finally finding inspiration and knowing that being a musician is his true calling, battling people that say things such as ‘get a real job’. The melody creates an uplifting, euphoric happy vibe (with Porter explaining that it is the happiest track on the album) but also allows people to cry to it, which is the beauty of tracks from ‘Nurture’: they can make you simultaneously cry with a smile on your face.

That feeling of creating a track in the moment where it all clicks together is what he has summed up into a track, and is one of the most unique tracks that we have gotten a taste of so far.

‘Musician’ by Porter Robinson is out now, and you can listen to it below on Spotify. ‘Nurture’ is out on April 23.


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