Sam Blacky Body release

Sam Blacky brings summer vibes with etheral vocal house track ‘Body’: Listen

The multitalented LA-based DJ/producer Sam Blacky didn’t wait for summer to come, instead she returned with a brand new single, ‘Body’  to take us to an imaginary tropical place while we’re waiting to use our passports again.

Samantha Black dropped her debut release earlier this year via her very own, recently launched imprint Stabby Records, and what an introduction it was! After that powerful and pumping dancefloor-filler titled ‘Too Late‘, she is now back with a mesmerizing vocal house track, inspired by her world travels. It indeed resonates with her Youtube video series called “A New World,” where she streamed live sets from some of her favorite places in Mexico. ‘Body’ will take you on a journey to those white sand beaches, you just have to close your eyes and let the song speak for itself. The bass is as deep as the ocean, the tribal drum layers meld into the dreamy lead melody as the sun goes down over the horizon, while the airy vocal segments feel like a smooth summer breeze.

Sam Blacky shared her thoughts about the song:

‘Body’ was 100% inspired by my love of travel & tropical, foreign destinations. Obviously, before COVID, what seems like so long ago, I would be in a different country almost every weekend and get exposed to all sorts of new styles of music. I took it all in like a sponge, I was obsessed with every new song I heard & I couldn’t believe how different all the sounds were. I collected bits and pieces from all over the world to culminate my own sound & take different aspects from every place I had been and combine them all together. The song went through tons of rounds of changes and edits because every time I would come home from another trip, I would have something more to add. I hope it comes across in the work, because it truly was inspired by the world.”

Originally from San Diego, she spent several years in Australia and performed around the globe since 2017. From Mexico to Ibiza to the jungles of Vietnam, she piled up over 120 gigs a year, playing at some of the most prestigious electronic festivals and clubs across the world such as the Miami Music Week and Coachella. Besides her role as a DJ and producer, she maintains a busy modeling schedule as well, working together with world-famous brands such as Nike, L’OréalSuperdry, Guess, Sports Illustrated and Playboy, to name a few.

Sam Blacky is definitely an artist to keep an eye on, but while we’re waiting for a new release, check out ‘Body’ below!

Image Credit: Sam Blacky Press Kit