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Tomorrowland supposedly postponed to late September

An Instagram post by NERVO has eyebrows raised thanks to one detail that was shared about the state of this year’s festival. The post detailed how tour life in 2020 was with toddlers, and included excerpts of a recent interview that they had done with UK news site The Telegraph. Liv, one half of the sister duo, talks a lot about what it feels like to be a DJ in these pandemic times, but interestingly has seemed to confirm the new dates for Tomorrowland according to the interview.

About Tomorrowland, the interview (which you can read here) states:

‘For now, we’re just going with the flow. You think you’re heading in one direction then suddenly the situation changes. The big news is Tomorrowland in Belgium, one of our biggest festivals, has rescheduled this summer to late September. It’s something to aim for.’

This is certainly interesting, as it conflicts with previous news that broke a few days ago (at the time of writing) from Tomorrowland spokeswoman Debby Wilmsen stating that they are looking at postponing six weeks from the original July dates, which would take them to the end of August. An official announcement from Tomorrowland is expected during the middle of this month, so we should expect to hear confirmed dates then, but it’s safe to say that August or September are likely bets, and July is off the cards.

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