Your Ghost Production

Your Ghost Production: the first premium platform of ready-to-release tracks

The taboo on ghost producers has long since been lifted. For a long time, this profession was seen as a myth, but recently the veil has been lifted on what they do, leaving uncovered who they are. Until now, ghost producers have worked directly with clients, tailoring their work to their needs. This tailored work is fantastic, but this approach left a big gap in the industry, as there was no reliable bank from which to choose quality tracks. emerged to fill this void, being the first premium ghost production platform offering tracks produced by award-winning artists. This service stands for excellence and quality, providing ready-to-release tracks to its customers.

Currently, there are catalogues of ghost-produced tracks online, however, they are often poor to a low-quality amalgam of music. This low standard is due to the fact that the tracks are approved by inexperienced A&R and the conditions offered, which often involve giving up all rights and selling your work royalty-free, forcing you to give up quality as well. Your Ghost Production comes to solve these issues presenting itself as a solution where producers don’t have to limit themselves and can produce world-class tracks without having to give up all their rights. The platform also offers the option to buy out 100% of all royalties from each premium track for an additional fee, as well as a complete catalogue of royalty-free songs. The producers can choose whether they want to keep their royalties or not. As for the quality, this is assured by an experienced A&R team that decides if the tracks fit the desired placement, as not all submitted tracks will fit the premium catalogue. There are specific requirements for a premium track, the selection works in a similar way to the record labels and is made by a team with a deep knowledge of the industry.

The service provided by Your Ghost Production is highly sought after by DJs, artists, influencers, advertising agencies, video games, film companies and music producers, who can choose tracks from both premium and royalty-free libraries or request custom work.

The days of searching through endless tracklists are over, instead, clients can go to and choose a premium track that can be released commercially without additional touch-ups. The site has very complete and detailed information in order to answer all the questions that such a platform may raise. Access it here.

Image credits: Your Ghost Production (press)