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69% of night time businesses say Covid-19 passports would be damaging

With nightclubs and other night time businesses closed in the United Kingdom for over a year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, how and when these businesses can open safely has been the forefront of discussion as of late. One of the proposed ideas is a Covid passport containing proof a person has received the vaccine. Locations such as Ibiza have stated they will use such method and have them ready by June, although they are also extremely controversial with the state of Florida announcing they would be banned.

With the idea proposed by the United Kingdom’s government as a part of the countries roadmap out of lockdown, The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) surveyed 700 night time businesses on how the concept would affect business. 69% of businesses surveyed in Night-Time Economy felt that a Covid passport, testing or immunity proof would have a negative impact on business, with 70% of them stating they also wouldn’t need the latter to open and operate safely.

When discussing the report Michael Kill, CEO of The Night Time Industries Association stated:

“The positive news from the Roadmap has been overshadowed by the potential impact of Covid Status Certificates being implemented by the Government for businesses to allow for the ease of social contact restrictions, with the overwhelming majority of UK nightlife sector believing the measures will have a detrimental impact on trade.

If retail, supermarkets, public transport, hotels, pubs and restaurants are excluded from the use of Covid Status Certification, with many of these businesses displaying similar contact and proximity environments, why would nightclubs and other environments be expected to ask customers to present Covid Status Certification as a prerequisite or requirement of entry?”


According to the current UK government plans Covid passports won’t be introduced when pubs, shops and restaurants will be allowed to reopen indoor areas without them on the 17th May, however they have said they may be used at a later date.


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