Brussel Summer Festival 2015

Belgium hosts its first cultural test events in Brussels

On 26th April, Brussels venue Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg (KVS), hosted one of the first test events in Belgium since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

The Belgian government decided to turn a performance of ‘Jonathan’ into a test event at the esteemed theatre venue this week, with the purpose of measuring how the air quality in the room was impacted by the presence of an audience. Only 50 people attended this specific event, alongside KVS employees who were present and working; each had to undergo a rapid test before wearing a mask at all times inside the room that usually seats 500 people. Furthermore, they will be required to take a PCR test the following week. From the 28th, they will look to increase the number of attendees week on week to assess conditions with more people in the venue, maxing out at 250 (50% capacity) in a couple of weeks time.

Using special equipment, they are looking to to prove that the chance of transmission of infectious diseases in the air is very low and that indoor events could therefore start to return in a safe manner. The results are yet to be revealed by the national Corona Commission as they look to conduct further investigations into other entertainments and sports venues. In Belgium, around 30 test events have scheduled over the next 8 weeks to collect as much data as is needed. Advances in testing and the lifting of restrictions carries hope that we will see large-scale events like Tomorrowland go ahead this year.

Image Credit: Brussels Summer Festival 2021 (via Eric Danhier / EDanhier)

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