Boris Brejcha teams up with Ginger to deliver ‘Spicy’ new single: Listen

Boris Brejcha inaugurates his 2021 releases with a majestic single, featuring vocals from Ginger. ‘Spicy‘ is the first track of many yet to be heard from the German DJ and producer and is the first single to be revealed from his forthcoming album. Last year, Boris shared with the world the remarkable album Space Driver. Filled with the artist’s minimal and spatial sound, the EP had enough power to keep his fans entertained for months and months. Now, Boris Brejcha is ready to move on and deliver a new album, even more intriguing than the previous one.

There are many factors that make him a pivotal name in the electronic music scene and one of them is being inseparable from his famous Venice carnival mask. Another is that he was responsible for the creation of the ‘high-tech minimal’ sub-genre, a sound that he has mastered to perfection and of which only he has the magic formula. Released on April 2 via Ultra, ‘Spicy’ perfectly exemplifies Brejcha’s style.

Even though he already holds an imposing position in the industry, the German prodigy does not settle down and continues to evolve, always in search of elevating his sound to the Olympus. This surgical approach has earned Boris works of true mastery, with transcendent detail and finesse. Emerged in 2006, he has been on a roll, always provoking huge suspense around his upcoming projects.

‘Spicy’ features a very special collaboration from Ginger, Boris’ real-life partner. There are plenty of heavyweight pairings but certainly, some are more special than others, like this one. Ginger’s vocals are no stranger to Boris Brejcha’s work having already been lent to themes featured on ‘Space Driver’ such asHappinezz and To The Moon And Back. On ‘Spicy’, Ginger’s fleeting vocals once again play a key role in the song, gracefully enveloping the crescendo of the composition. The single exposes a brilliant symbiosis between driving snares and delicate piano chords. It is a hybrid work that offers a relaxing serenity while infusing mesmerizing energy, perfect for dancing with your eyes closed. It is undoubtedly a recipe built with Boris Brejcha’s favourite ingredients, which pleases the palate of minimal and introspective music lovers, offering a levitating and powerful vibe.

‘Spicy’ wets the appetite for all the future work the German producer has in the pipeline, which will be unveiled collectively this November, upon the release of the anticipated new studio album.

While you wait, treat yourself to this ‘Spicy’ sound below:

Image credit: Boris Brejcha (Press)